Unlock iPhone 4S With New Sim [1.0.11 / 1.0.13 / 1.0.14]

Unlock iPhone 4S With New SimEveryone who waiting for Unlock iPhone 4S we inform them that iPhone 4S will be unlocked with a new SIM which is expected to be released within this week.

We found that a Chinese company - currently developing a solution for the iPhone 4S on all baseabands.

The new Sim will unlock iPhone 4S basebands :
  • 1.0.11 Baseband
  • 1.0.13 Baseband
  • 1.0.14 Baseband
The new Sim will be completed this week and will begin for ordering.

Unlock iPhone 4S With New Sim

Unlock iPhone 4S With New Sim - Features:

  • F981 chip for high performance and low power consumption
  • Custom SIM tray
  • No jailbreaking required
  • One time dialing of 112 (required for first time use)
  • Facetime, EDGE, 3G etc are all supported

What about Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband ?

The Chinese company will produce 20,000 pieces to meet the demand. The new Chinese company is not Gevey Sim but it will like all Sims aviailable for unlocking.

But for all those who stuck on Baseband 04.11.08 - we will say that so far, we haven't any news.
In our last post written for Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband we expect to announce that a new version of Gevey SIM that will finally unlock your iPhone with baseband 04.11.08.

Just follow UnlockBoot and you will be updated with all news for unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S wiht the "famous" basebands .
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