iPad 3 With 4G Support - Increase your Internet Speed 10-times

iPad 3 With 4G Support
The new iPad 3 / HD tablet, which will be launched today, will support wireless fourth-generation LTE, says Reuters.

This feature provides a 10-times increase in speed of access to the network as compared to previous models.

Analysts in the publication talk about - how to make 4G-technology transition to all mobile devices.

As a result, Apple will be able to expand the content in iTunes and launch new services. Earlier it was reported that the empire of Steve Jobs is preparing a TV streaming service, which is likely to be presented in 2013. Apple plans to offer TV service and users can view all channels in special applications available on all "apple" gadgets.

Users will be able to pay a monthly fee for each application individually, or combine channels in the package, as in cable TV. Interest in Apple's online content is heated rumors about the creation of television by the "Apple" brand. According to unofficial data, the device with 50-inch display will be released before the end of 2012.
iPad 3 With 4G Support

Finally, another news associated with viewing video on the Web will be updated on Apple TV. It is assumed that the set top box will receive an improved third-generation processor technology and support for Bluetooth 4.0.

New components will broadcast console streamed in 1080p content and play full-screen HD-game. It is assumed that the Apple TV 3G will be released simultaneously with iPad 3 / HD.
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