How to Unlock iPhone 4 Using Gevey SIM on iOS 5.1.1 [Guide]

Unlock iPhone 4 with Gevey SIM

Hi there folks! Today we have a guide for you to unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 using Gevey SIM. But before you proceed, let me remind you how important it is to preserve your old baseband.

The baseband that is eligible for unlock should be protected with all your effort as losing it would mean you can't unlock your iPhone. iTunes can update your baseband while updating to iOS 5.1.1.

Ultrasn0w 1.2.7 can unlock older basebands on iOS 5.1.1. However here the basebands which can be unlocked via Gevey:

  • Baseband 02.10.01
  • Baseband 03.10.01
  • Baseband 04.10.01

Guide to unlock iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 using Gevey sim

Step 1: Do a full restore, after that, eject the SIM card from the iPhone and reboot it.

Step 2: Switch off the Cellular data and 3G.To do this, go to Settings > General > Network.

Step 3: Insert Gevey sim and sim card together in your iPhone 4.

Gevey Sim Unlock iPhone 4
Gevey Sim Unlock iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 Firmware

Step 4: Now the accept screen will appear. Tap on Accept.

Step 5: Now you are likely to see No Service. Don't worry! Wait for 15-20 seconds and dial 112 and hang up after a couple of seconds.

Step 6: Turn on the Airplay Mode and wait till you see the No SIM card installed message! Now turn off the Airplay mode. No SIM Failure would appear. Press Ok and the iPhone should be connected to the network.

Easy isn't it? If you follow this tutorial correctly, the iPhone 4 would be unlocked on iOS 5.1.1 using Gevey. Those with GSM & CDMA iPhone 4S can use Gevey Ultra S for basebands up to 2.0.12 to unlock their iPhones. Feel free to comment below!

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im guessing this doesnt work for 4.12 basebands


we're all tired with these kind of posts. false alarm everyday.


4.11.08/4.12.1 or nothing.


:))) we need 4.11.08 baseband normal unlock....

idiot proof

in case your dyslexic

Baseband 02.10.01Baseband 03.10.01Baseband 04.10.01


Hi, about baseband, I have preserved my baseband and shsh blobs, but accidentally upgraded with itunes, is there anyway to make use of noBB firmware or shblobs?

Muhamed Salahaddin

dear what about 4.11.8 ??


no need to get snappy...

Gavin Sugrue

does anyone have any clue with the unlock for baseband 4.11.08????


but what after you unlock it? what plan/network do you then have? or does that just unlock the phone so you can insert another sim

Callum Dean Terry



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they forgot the 4.11.08/4.12.01 -> end of their greatness..They will never ever crack the 4.11.08/4.12.01, or if they even get a slight/glimpse of codes that can be crack, they will sell it to Apple . We are talking here about money people, not greatness..


where i can buy the
Gevey SIM on iOS 5.1.1 for iphone4

Seem Mujawar

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heilp 4.12.01

proof idiot



are u sure?i need to factory unlock my iphone here in nigeria,how do u help me?


need 4.12.01!!!!

Akshay Datal

i want to unlock my iphone 4 its factory lock to at&t...


it's a shame how man's natural greediness takes place right away without thinking of others


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Seyf Moon

j'ai ramené mon iphone 4 hier et j'ai pas pu avoir le signal du réseau ! mais aprés avoir jeté coup d'oeuil sur cet article ! j'ai su comment desimloqué mon iphone 4 !! je vous felicite et remercie pour m'avoir donné la solution ^^ sur ma version : 5.1.1 .. merci ^^


Need help 4.12.01


I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 but the bad news for me is that it has baseband 04.12.01 which means that Gevey isn't working for my iPhoen anymore. I've tried dozens of "solutions" but none worked... is there a way to go back to baseband 4.10?

Pascal Eugene

thanks dude ! worked ! <3


it worked for me , great your site , have good luck


Nope. You can't downgrade basebands. Your only bet is to factory unlock it. You can find cheap chinese stores that do it for 50-60ish bucks.


iphone 4s ios 5.1 base band 3.0.14
can it be unlocked???


Read more here to Unlock baseband 3.0.04

Maria Flodin

i´ve unlock my 4s with 5.1.1 but the now i can´t send messeages and surf. What to do ?


i got an iphone 4S with baseband 2.0.10 and ios 5.1 . its on verizon i need to unlock it as i m in asia now. so gevey sim will work to unlock it? and which gevey sim should i buy plz guide me all the steps. waiting for reply hope someone help me out ,


it worked! thanks.


i got a iphone 4g but it lock can its work by gevey sim version 5.1.1 abd baseband 04.12.02


Do I have to jailbreak my iphone to run a Gevey sim card?


How a bout my Iphone 4 can unlock it for IOS 6.0.1 ? Auto upgraded by ITunues !


You need factory unlock -- http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/07/factory-unlock-iphone-4-4s-3gs-any.html


can it work on the iphone 4, with ios 6?


You need to preserve the baseband to 4.10.01 -- Use sn0wbreze to create custom iOS 6 firmware, then follow this tutorial.


What is your baseband?


No. you can use gevey sim without jailbreak.


if you have iPhone 4 with 4.12.02 / 4.12.05 read this guide: http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/01/unlock-ios-6-1-iphone-4-4s-5.html


You can use factory unlocking to unlock 4.11.08 -- gevey sim isn't updated to support this baseband.


Factory unlocking ...

Amine MBS

Does It Work with iOs 6.1 with baseband 04.10.01


does one gevey SIM bought in local country works internationally? or have to buy separate Gevey for each country


will gevey sim work on firmware 04.12.05?


i have purchase iphone 4 from canda but which not unlock by gevey chip .........................version 5.1.1................



jp sb i phone 4 Baseband 04.10.01 need unlock help me..plz

IReal Swaroop

how to find baseband..??

George Robert

hy i have iphone 4 5.1.1 baseband 04.12.01 in blacklist what i can do?

Maya Umi

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iphone with 6.1.3 firmware 4.12.05 with gevey how to unlock ?


iphone with 6.1.3 firmware 4.12.05 with gevey how to unlock ? pls help i updated mistakenly

Nikymor Demitri Dizon

Hi good am/pm i recently unlocked my iphone 4 ios 4.3.3 BB 4.10.01 softbank locked using gevey supreme green pack, uhm i was wondering can i still use my gevey sim after i updated my ios to 6.1.2 PBB.