How to Use Official iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 Factory Carrier Unlock Service

Permanent unlock iPhone 4

The fairy tale started 3 months ago. After searching a lot for more than a year, we came across the most reliable unlock solution on the internet in recent times. We are talking about OfficialiPhoneUnlock.

This company removes any network restrictions on your device, and they do this by getting the handset unlocked from Apple's IMEI database — you can use your handset on any carrier in the world.

Official Permanent Unlock iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 on Any iOS Firmware Baseband

With this unlock, you can safely update on any basebands and firmwares including latest iOS 6 basebands without any worries. The company has a store in Worcester that provides brilliant after sales service. Hence, the SIM locked phone will be free forever. They can unlock all iPhones from iPhone first-generation to the latest iPhone 5. The unlock supports all firmwares and bootloader basebands. Their unlocks are similar to the ones the carriers provide themselves.

Official iPhone Unlock 4, 4S, 5
Official Factory Unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 5

After the unlock, you don't need a particular SIM card. Furthermore, you don't need to be located in the country the iPhone is locked to. The whole is done remotely from the comfort of your home. They take 6 hours and 3 days in some cases. This is a long time but it's official permanent unlock solution.

Factory Unlock Barred or Stolen iPhone

The service also provides an unlock for handsets which have been barred or stolen, depending on the carrier. However, there is an additional charge of Pound. 40. You can check for barred iPhones by going to http://checkmend.com/uk (for handsets based in UK) or the same site without the /uk for international handsets.

Steps to Get Your iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 Factory Unlocked via iTunes:

Seven simple steps to factory unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 5 Permanently forever — iPhone unlock service provided by OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk.

Step 1: Provide iPhone model and your Original Carrier you are locked to.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 4 using Official iPhone unlock
Select your Original Carrier and iPhone Model

Step 2: Provide your iPhone's IMEI Code. Read here how to find your IMEI code.

Official iPhone Unlock via IMEI code
Enter your IMEI code and click Add to cart

Step 3: Make a payment, and wait for a confirmation email.

Order iPhone 4 Unlock
Thanks for your order

Step 4: You will receive a email when the transaction is complete.

Safest Factory Unlock Service
Email confirmation after after completing the transaction

Step 5: Track the progress of your unlock status using their order status page.

Official IPhone Unlock Review
Order status -- Unlock Complete

Step 5.1: You will receive a Unlock Confirmation email.

Official iPhone Unlock iPhone 4S
Officially Unlocked iPhone email confirmation

Step 6: After this, you'll have to connect the handset to iTunes.

Unlock iPhone 4
Connect your iPhone to your PC with USB cable and Open iTunes

Step 7: Now your iPhone is Factory Unlocked and can be used with any sim card

Unlock iPhone via iTunes Official
Congratulations -- Your Device Has Been Factory Unlocked

After this procedure your iPhone will be carrier free forever. You can safely update firmwares and basebands including the latest iOS 6 firmware without any worries.

By the looks of it, OfficialiPhoneunlock will be around for a long time, as they are genuine service providers, and the first to offer the factory unlock for iPhone 5. So if you've a locked iPhone, contact them. We assure you that you're in safe hands.

Please Feel free to share your true story in the comment secton below!

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RikO Aileen

yeah but not if your im is like lost or stolen and you pay the money for nothing and they just cant do nothing really nice service 

du ma

BOUGHT ipone 5 sprint and bought the service been a week and still no unlock and now they saying i have to pay another 100 dollars bullshit service

Mike Sonvo

i think the only safe unlock that works is found here iphoneunlocktool.blogspot.com

Alan F

My iPhone 4 was locked to AT&T and now is permanently unlocked. Now I can safely upgrade to the iOS 6 firmware and stay unlocked forever!


I pay for the unlock my iphone, but until now the iphone is not activated, knowing that the website mentions that officialphoneunlock activation is Immediate

Here is the email I received

ORDER ID: *************
> Thanks for you order! This will APPEAR on your credit card or bank statement as 'Dalpay'.
> Pre-Order Factory Unlock for ........... (iPhone 4) locked to Softbank Japan
> Your IMEI unlock is now in our queue. As soon as the unlock for That network is back up we will contact with you IMMEDIATELY Regarding IMEI submission. The cost for That network may be more than  £ 19.99, in Which case we will deduct Obviously the  £ 19.99 Already paid from the price of the unlock.
> Kind regards

!!!! ED!M@R !!!!

I wonder if voceis unlock my iPhone 4s without contract carrier T-mobile does not have pork. device so the

!!!! ED!M@R !!!!

I wonder if voceis unlock my iPhone 4s without contract carrier T-mobile does not have pork. device so the!!!!!!!!


Im still using my iPhone by Sam unlock and it is running on base band 5.01. How can I update my iphone to the IOS 6 without losing sam unlock?


when softbank unlock will come i am waiting from around 2 month i already order it.......


you are scammers


This service is excellent, it was the cheapest one around too. Unlock time took only 12 hours. Thank you so much!


Not work 2monts and nothing lost my mony

Unlock Qatar

Hi all,

I can unlock most of the iphones regardless of modem firmware/iOS for very good price, for more info, please mail me on unlockqatar @ gmail . com (without space) or Visit my facebook with same email address ......

Thanks :)


Does Sam unlock still works?

Dr. Joseph S. Curcio

Please check my iPhone 5s IMEI: