How to Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 5s - Best Price & Deal

Buy Unlocked iPhone 5S

All people around the world saw the release of iPhone 5s. All the features that the new iPhone is capable off were showcased at the event, and its price and availability were also revealed.

Reports clearly suggest that there is a great demand for Apple iPhone 5s, especially the gold color iPhone which recently sold on eBay for $10,000.

The handset is selling pretty strong and is now in the hands of many Apple fans, and those who switched from Android and iOS.

Factory unlocked iPhone 5s – Prices

The handset has been released in 3 different models: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB mode. The respective prices are $649, $749 and $849. This is only for those who have enough money to spend and they get the benefit of using the phone with any network carrier as the device is not on contract and is SIM-free.

Unlocked iPhone 5s price

Official Unlocked iPhone 5s Price from Apple.com

iPhone 5s factory unlocked version – What it offers?

There are several benefits of iPhone 5s factory unlocked mode. Apart from the fact that it can be used on any carrier in the world, you can also upgrade it to future iOS firmwares and basebands, without having to worry about losing the lock of the device. Furthermore, you get all the features such as Touch ID, charging connectors etc. as well as all the goodness of iOS 7.

What to do if you can’t afford the factory unlocked iPhone 5s?

For those of you who don’t have enough money to buy factory unlocked iPhone 5s would have to go for a carrier branded handset whose prices are $99 for 16 GB, $199 for 32 GB and $299 for 64 GB. Most carriers are selling like AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Rogers, Telus, O2 UK, Three Mobile UK, Orange UK etc.

However, if you buy a contract or locked iPhone 5s, there is good news as you can still unlock iPhone 5s permanently through our recommended & official iPhone 5s unlock service on the newly updated baseband and firmware. Go here to permanently Unlock your iPhone 5s Forever!

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Jay Francis Raiz

please unlock my iPhone 4 6.1.3 . IMEI 01 254600 170098 6

modem firmware 04.12.05... thnx in adv.


please unlock my phone

IMEI 01 334500 8551099

version 6.1.2


Soooo... does anyone have an answer on whether this site actually unlocks and removes an iphone 5 off of a blacklist???

Hammøuda Lil-Escøbar

hi i have an iphone 4 6.1.2 modem firmware 04.12.05

IMEI: 012958001877328 caN U unlock it for Me


hi maybe can unlcok me ? 6.1.3 modem 04.12.05 imei 013275003813964


Model: iPhone 4 16GB Black

Version 5.1.1

BB 04.12.05 - ICE-2-13

IMEI 012756001124919

please unlock my phone its been a long time not using it :(
thanks in advance

Mikdame Mohamed

can you plz unlock my phone
iphone 4
IMEI - 01 326900 533074 7
baseband - 04.12.05
thanks brothers


Can help me to unlock?
iphone 4
IMEI - 01 233700 342038 9
baseband - 4.12.05
version - 5.1.1
thx alot

Derek Lee

So if i unlock a blacklisted iphone by Verizon,US (but it's originally from O2,UK carrier), would it works in Malaysia's carrier (Digi, Maxis, Celcom)


hi i have an iphone 4 6.1.2 firmware 04.12.05

IMEI: 012845008106738 can you unlock it?


Can help me to unlock?
iphone 4 (32G)
IMEI - 01 241700 818876 7
baseband - 4.12.09
version - 6.1.3
thx bro...


need a iphone 5 os 7.0.3 unblack listed . did imei check , says it was blacklisted by vodafone . put a vodafone sim in it no signal bars.
tried a telstra sim and i got signal bars. weird. can u unblacklist ?


hi .. how to i know my iphone 4 is barred or unbarred ? plz any one to answer me . my e-mail is m_n_j_20@yahoo.com

Nelg Ayacngab

Help me
Iphone 4 (32G)
IMEI - 012849002587083
based band - 4.12.5
version. 6.1.3
Thank you


hi. i neet to know if i can unlock my iphon 4s orange france blackliste
and tell me how much ?
my email : chouski21@gmail.com
best regards for all


Hi, got an iPhone 4s , it's SIM locked ! IMEI 01 233800 989646 5
. help me to unlock my iphone < this is my email add :
Nasratullahsamim@gmail.com Thanks


hi, i have an iPhone 5. it's blocked IMEI 013437001346088
my email is rowperalta@gmail.com thank you.


IMEI: 013437001346088
Serial number: C39KQGZQFH1C
Activated: Yes
Warranty: Limited Warranty
Warranty Days Left: 161
Warranty Start Date: 21.06.2013
Warranty End Date: 20.06.2014
Telephone Technical Support: Expired
Repairs and Service Coverage: 20.06.2014
Find My iPhone: OFF
Carrier: AT&T USA
SIM lock: Locked
Unlock your AT&T iPhone now: http://go.unlockboot.com/unlock-att-iphone-5-4s-4-forever?strPhoneType=5&strIMEI=013437001346088


IMEI: 012338009896465
Serial number: 86022H14A4S
Activated: Yes
Warranty: Out of Warranty
Telephone Technical Support: Expired
Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired
Find My iPhone: OFF
Carrier: Buy carrier check!
Price for unlock: $189.99 Click for buy!
SIM lock: Locked


hello, how do i know if my iphone is in the blacklist.thanks


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Please Help ME please i have an iphone 5s its 358030057160579 my email is shivb39@gmail.com help me please


iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4s/5/5s//5C in stock for sale at much more reduced prices.

Note: All the iPhone's are Brand New/Factory Unlocked, without any contract plan,All prices listed above are Negotiable when purchasing from us.

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Can you give me the run down on that one please?


One question guys, I hope someone can answer me this.
An iPhone 5 from Verizon that was reported lost (that was my mother canceling the contract) can be used in Europe with a GSM sim card without any problem or do I need to do something with it in order to be able to use it?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Dr Malik

help me to unlock
iphone 3gs (32g)
IMEI - 012160009079342
based band - 05.16.08
ios 6.1.6(10B500)