Unlock iPhone 5s Using Original IMEI Unlock Service

Unlock iPhone 5s

The whole world saw the release of Apple’s latest iPhone 5s on September 10th, 2013. The device is running iOS 7 out of the box, and it was announced that the device will begin selling on September 20th.

After 3 days of launch, a lot of customers have bought the phone from carriers. If you’re one of those customers, you would know that buying from a carrier means the handset is locked to the network operator SIM.

However, if you want to use phone on any network carrier, you need an official factory iPhone 5s unlock solution. Luckily, our official partner OfficialiPhoneunlock is the first to provide IMEI service to unlock iPhone 5s on iOS 7 firmware.

The company has been operating for several years, and have unlocked over 100,000 iPhone sin their tenure, so their reliability is out of the question. They are the only original and reliable source from where you’ll get an official unlock for iPhone 5s.

Guide to unlock iPhone 5s through the IMEI solution

For those who don’t know, the baseband of the iPhone 5s is new – 1.00.06. This is bad news for those who rely on software unlocks and hardware unlocks like X SIM, ultrasn0w, Gevey etc. because they can’t use any of the solution on the new handset. Therefore, factory unlock is the only remaining choice. Even if you attempt to use any of the solutions, they won’t work because Apple is going to block their working on the new baseband.

iPhone 5S Unlock

Official iPhone 5s Unlock by IMEI Code

Unlock iPhone 5s locked on AT&T, T-mobile, Orange, Rogers, O2, Vodafone etc.

The service we are recommending can unlock iPhone 5s iOS 7. The solution works with an IMEI number and is done through iTunes, and those who are aware already about how an unlock works would know that this is an official process.

To unlock your iPhone 5s, follow these steps:

Step 1: Head over to the page of Official iPhone 5s Unlock.

Step 2: Submit your IMEI code and wait for an official email of confirmation.

Step 3: Connect the handset to the PC.

Step 4: Start iTunes and the device is going to be unlocked.

After you’ve unlocked your iPhone 5s, you would be able to use it on any carrier in the world. Furthermore, you’ll be able to update to the upcoming iOS 7.0.1 and future firmwares without risk of losing the unlock at any time. Get your Official iPhone 5s IMEI Unlock Right NOW!

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stop posting this ad please.


I have iPhone4 soft bank (Japan model) 32gb . Is this possible to unlock it ?? Have to necessary step to unlock this type of iphone model. Otherwise phone's are invalid now!!!

Walid Ghoul

hi sir
You can unlock iphone 5 from peru CLARU (America Movil) ?


Still waiting for mine...
Its unfair to leave your clients clueless, its been saying the same thing for 8 days now, end up feeling deceived... Do you guys know if this thing really works?!


It's still 29.99 on AT&T.




Yes, we can unlock ANY vodafone uk device.


can you unlock iPhone 4s which is locked to USA verizon network


how can i use my paypal account to pay ?


cuanto tiempo tardan los de sprint ?

Pablo Gatica

Why dont you have unlock for Guatemala and Honduras, central america


Hello, can you unlock my iphone 4 blocked on telenor sweden?Thanks


Yes, we can do it.


The new iPhone 5s can be easily unlocked in 1-2 working days by imei code!

Soner Kara

hello ı have iphone 5 from sprint can you unlock it and ı will use it for internation sim card not Usa sim card like ATT or t maobile imei 990002806920011

ronieboy salvador

yes can i ask,garaty money back if canot be openline???
becoz im a technician here in the philippine and im looking for a server dat i can trust


Hi Can you unlock iPhone 5s with this IMEI 357998052232463 , Orange UK
please tell me how much does it cost?

yoga plus

my question is about this. Unlock available again shortly. Pre-order now to get in the queue! how long does it take for the unlock and what exactly are we waiting on?

interested customer

Is it 20 pounds for an ATT iphone 4s or 75 once i select the 10 pound US option then next page tells me 75

Saša Krapež

Can You unlock iPhone 4 32GB locked to Austria 3 Hutchison ? iOS7...

Bhavesh Dharia

R u Unlock iphone 5S USA Sprint Devices ?

Joshe Montalvan



I live in Brazil, if I pass imei iphone 4s, you unlock Icloud?


Can you unlock iphone 5 from Paraguay "Tigo"..


Hello. You can unlock iPhone 5 America sprint equipment? Read this information please reply, I wait for your good news. Thank you.


please check my IMEI which network my iphone 4 is locked to



can yu guys unlock iPhone 5s America movil mex


pls tell me i have i4 iphone that come from canada its provider is rogers tell me how it will work in india. i am in punjab india


hi i got ip5 factory unlock can you remove from black list ,how much cost let me know thank


i have a global iphone 5s imei 358764051984762 which has an icloud lock can you unlock this one. the phone is open no network lock on it


Can you check 013327002275255 if you can unlock.. Is find my iphone one on it?

Sadok Fitouri

can you unlock iphone 5s Orange Tunisia?


can you unlock iphone 5s that's locked to Docomo, Japan


When will the unlock for an iPhone 4s from Verizon be available?


Can you check 358760052126585 black list
if you can unlock.. Is find my iphone one on it?