Best 10 Winterboard Themes for iOS 7 in 2014

Best Winterboard Themes 2014

Winterboard themes are ideal for people who are looking forward for innovative themes and to customize your jailbroken iPhone, iPod, and iPad on the latest iOS 7.0.4 / 7.1 / 7.0 firmware.

To get Cydia themes, it is necessary to jailbreak your Apple device using evasi0n7 jailbreak tool to further enjoy smooth functioning and take advantage of winterboard themes.

Top 10 iOS 7 Winterboard Themes:

Let us look at the 10 best winterboard themes for your iOS 7 / 7.0.4 or iOS 7.1 evasi0n7 jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

#1: Soft Remix for iOS 7

Soft Remix Winterboard Theme

Giving a touch competition to the popular Suave HD theme, the Soft Remix for iOS 7 features small screen icons that offers a presentable look to the screen. The squircle edges give an innovative shape to the icons that make them visually appealing. The only disadvantage of this theme is that third-party custom icons for applications do not stand out. However, the designer Eduardo Lopez is trying to offer uniquely design the icons for a rich look.

#2: Zanilla 2

Zanilla 2 Winterboard Theme

Sporting a beautiful design, the Zanilla 2 winterboard theme for iOS 7 features drop shadows that resemble Solstice theme. In addition, the general color scheme offers a clean and soothing look that further enhances your visual experience. However, this theme is currently not available on Cydia. You can download the Zanilla 2 winterboard theme from deviantART page and place it the file in the winterboard directory or library.

#3: M'flat

M'flat iOS 7 Theme

With a dash of calm colors such as green, blue, grey and outdoor icons, the M'Flat winterboard theme is designed for nature lovers. In addition, with over a period of time, you will get it see new icons that will simply enhance this theme. Inspired by Alexey Masalov, this theme will replace the boring icons with a scenic background that will refresh you whenever you use your device. However, this theme is not available on Cydia currently. You can install it on your jailbroken device from a third-party website.

#4: RocketSauce

RocketSauce IOS 7 Theme

This is another great theme designed by Collins who has added all his creativity in making this theme a success. Every button and icon has been designed uniquely to enhance the look of your screen and to make the functioning more easily and quick. This is yet another theme that used to skin the iOS user interface. You can currently download this theme to customize the springboard icons with a fog-liked curve edges to make it presentable. However, over a period of time, the creator promises to add functionality to its style. You can purchase it from the Cydia Store at $2.99.

#5 & 6: 1Derland and 1derful HD

1Derland Winterboard Theme

1derful iOS 7 Theme

Theme creators and developers face a lot of challenges while creating themes for iOS 7 and Tim Collins is one of them who got trapped in this challenge. But regardless of all the difficulties and challenges, he managed to issue iOS 7 and 64-bit patches for his popular 1derful HD and 1Derland HD themes. These winterboard themes are developed with the aim of offering a user friendly interface to the users to enjoy smooth navigation. The limitations of iOS 7 will restrict the use of some of the icons on the home screen. You can purchase these beautiful and attractive theme from the Cydia Store at $2.99 each.

#7: Solstice

Solstice Theme for iOS 7

This theme is certainly designed to redefine your screen and give it a new look. Long shadows and eye catching color pallet offers an appealing look. The solstice winterboard theme supports more than 90 applications and the designer John Bussell is constantly trying hard to add more. Some of the apps included in the theme are Facebook, Google Maps, Alien Blue, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, and more. Other features included in this theme are endless scrolling, displays album art, zoom for high resolution photos, Nifty icons, and more. You can download this theme for free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository.

#8: Oil7

Oil7 Winterboard theme

Sporting an oil based paint finish, the Oil7 is a redesign of Flat7 winterboard theme. Moreover, this theme includes some additional icons that are missing in the latter. Besides, all stock app have custom icons with several third-party applications. The Oil7 application is available for free and can be downloaded from Cydia on the BigBoss repository.

#9: Flat7

Flat7 Winterboard theme

With more than 60,000 downloads, the Flat7 has become one of the most popular winterboard themes for iPhone and iPod touch. This theme enhances your screen by giving a new touch to all Apple stock icons along with the third party applications. The icons are more consistent and flat design. What's more, you can use one or two overlays to make the icon hexagonal in shape or circular edges to make it look unique. The Flat7 winterboard theme that has won the hearts of many is developed by Nick Viveiros. You can get this theme for free from the BigBoss repository on Cydia.

#10: Space Blueberry

Space Blueberry Theme

Created by Gionata, the Space Blueberry winterboard theme provides a cartoon or flight appearance to over 70 home screen icons to make it look unique. The Game Center, Music, Safari, and Reminder icons have been enhanced to offer a pleasing appearance and to make your home screen look unique and creative. You can download this theme for free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository. The Space Blueberry theme currently supports iPhone and iPod Touch only.


While most of the above themes are tested and compatible with iOS 7, the creator are constantly striving hard to add additional icons and functionalities in their theme to make them user friendly and unique. This will allow users to navigate effortlessly and get quick access to the applications.

The Winterboard theme allows users to tweak and go beyond their normal applications and settings and customize the screen the way they want it. All you can do is, download these themes and appreciate the designer to motivate them to create new icons that benefit us and make the screen visually appealing. It will also help iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users to enhance their experience and enjoy smooth navigation through menu that have scenic background with beautiful colors.

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