iPad 3 has a many rumored features like a larger casing housing a bigger battery, Retina Super-Display, New A5X or A6 Chip, LTE connectivity and more.

iPad 3

According to the hew study of site PriceGrabber, 42% of current iPad owners plan to buy an iPad 3 (or iPad HD) and 39% said they would get one before 2012 was out.

In this survey participated more than 1829 people, who were asked about the new iPad 3 and their plans to purchase the new iPad 3 tablet. Here are the most important results:

  • 54% indicated to reduce the price of the device
  • 53% want a more battery capacity
  • 49% indicated SD card memory for data storage
  • 44% missing a more advanced camera with flash
  • 44% wanted a faster A6 processor
  • 41% want to see built-in HDMI-port
  • 36% indicated wireless synchronization

iPad 3 Buyers

Since it took almost two years since the introduction of the revolutionary device, and to the present moment, many people want to upgrade his first iPad. In response to the question of when planning to buy iPad 3, the visitors said:

  • until the end of 2012 – 39%
  • during the first year after the release for sale – 30%
  • during the first month after the release of – 20%
  • during the first week of the release of – 11%

Analysts are predicting that Apple will sell 100 million tablets in 2012. Presentation of the iPad 3 is scheduled for March 7, 2012.

Would you buy a new iPad 3? What is the reason?