The more Apple tries to keep things under wrap the more it bursts out among the fans. It’s like impossible to seal these things. In fact, people love these rumors as in many instances we have witnessed the speculations of these rumor mills matching with that of original.

Apple products 2015

Anyway, the compilation given below is about the anxious fans those are waiting for something exciting from Cupertino this year.

#1: Wearable Watch

apple watch 2015

Among the most probable, the Apple watch certainly tops the list. Buzz is that Cupertino is planning to make it available as a perfect gift for the Valentine this season. Anyway, the speculated price has been quite eyebrow rising for this wearable techie. Buzz is that there will be a golden edition that may get a tag of about whooping $1000. Don’t worry, there will be a poor man’s edition as well carrying a price of about $350.

Reportedly, the product will be there with dual size versions one of which is a 38 mm with 272 x 340 pixels, and the other one is a 42 mm with 312 x 390 pixels. Talking of the Watch apps, these are expected to be coming a little later and are pretty much dependent upon iPhones.

#2: MacBook Air with Retina display

MacBook Air with Retina Display has been in air since a long while. In fact, it was expected during the festive season of 2014. However, the unsatisfactory performance of Core M processors extends the availability as Apple now looking for making the device available with i5 or i7 chipsets. Rumor mill churn outs claim the product to be coming with a 12 inches display. Buzz is that the device will be sporting a super trimmed Retina display along a latest track pad and physical key. Believing the sources the product might be available in three colour editions and a mid 2015 is most probable release period for it.

#3: iPad with a big screen

The mammoth iPad also known as the iPad Pro, or iPad Plus is said to be a device with more than 12 inches frame being about 3 inches larger than the earlier editions. Reportedly, this has been designed keeping the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft in mind. It will be perfectly trimmed product with a dimension of just 7 mm. Buzz is that the product may hit the shelves during later parts of 2015.

The product’s availability becomes feasible after the reported deal of Apple with IBM. Basically, it can be a useful option in terms of mass presentation works. Apple is going to make it more interesting through the iOS that lets it split screen multi-tasking.

#4: The much buzzed Apple TV

Much news regarding the Apple TV have surface like a web based service telecasting live and pre-chosen programs have surfaced earlier. But these look less likely due to several issues with the channels or broadcasters. According to the latest report there will be a news based TV service this time, and there will be options for gaming as well. Some others claim it could be a control panel for different home stuffs those play with native HomeKit options. However, there are some other sources those claim the product may take a leap into television arena through a revamped version during 2016. Reportedly, it will sport an “Ultra HD” display this time. Sources say the company is primarily aiming to fine-tune the set up box issues that can make its target easier.

#5: The crucial flagships: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Finally, let’s guess something that is too obvious, the iPhone 7. There is no doubt about the flagship coming this year. Looking at the current trend of releasing flagships on an annual basis, a product like iPhone 7 is quite sure. Yes, there might be the iPhone 7 Plus something like iPhone 6 Plus along the iPhone 6. While Apple is not known to be someone playing with the device size too much it is quite something similar very likely to occur. Top sources suggest that the product might carry the same 5.5 inches frame this time as well.

In fact, iPhone 7 is the most interested topic this time for Rumour mills. There have been coming various information regarding the specs of the device in regular intervals. The best part about the product this time is that it might come with a much improved camera panel at the main end.

Specifically, there might be a double lens pattern available with the device offering top notch DSLR quality images for the fans.

Additionally, the company is reportedly aiming of improving the music streaming experience with the device. Through the process the above devices hold every chance to become the opening products from Cupertino to have native Beats Music applications. Anyway, there are many parts pretty unclear about the product as well like the role of iTunes in this case. Needless I think to talk about the A9 processor that is the most awaited part about the device.