A5X Processor in iPhone 5 ?

On Wednesday, during a special press conference, Apple introduced the 3-th iPad generation, his heart was enhanced with A5X processor with two processing and four graphics cores.

According to analysts of the Mercury Research company’s, the A5X chip was designed specifically for iPad tablets and unlike the A4 and A5 processors, the A5X not be used in iPhone 5.

A5X same with A5 processor have two processor cores of general destination. Its main advantage is the high performance graphics system, based not on the two as in A5, new graphics system is based on four cores processor. This is related according to Apple with support for Retena Super-Display with resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

A5X Processor in iPhone 5 ?

At the same time, experts say that No Reason to increase the resolution of the new iPhone 5. iPhone now has a density of 326 dots per inch, which is greater than the last iPad model.

More appropriate indicator of the Company is to increase the iPhone battery life, according to The Linley Group. iPhone 5 CPU can be made already at 28-nanometer process technology, which will reduce energy consumption.

Experts say that is possible, A5X to be used in devices with a larger screen or set-top boxes for streaming video such as Apple TV.