Apple iPhone 3D city

I love this new iPhone 3D mini city concept that looks better than my favorite — Liquidmetal iPhone 5. I’m sure that you can’t really understand how awesome this 3D concept is before you see it.

I will take this particular exceptional representation of the candy-coloured 3D city coming alive from this awesome iPhone concept.

iPhone Diorama” is creation of LA-based 3D designer Mike Ko who designed this masterpiece for his college project. This 3D iPhone city concept was designed using Maya, Pftrack and Adobe After Effects, and required 3 months to complete.

iPhone 3D City Mike Ko
iPhone 3D ciy concept by Mike Ko

iPhone Diorama 3D city concept — Video:

Their 3D design skills are excellent, and i believe he’s much too creative too waste talent creating boring three dimensional office structures. Did this iPhone 3D city concept make your day?