That rumor wheel about the iPhone 5 is now spinning faster since we are now getting “leaks” and “rumors” about the next generation iPhone almost every hour.

Slide to Setup iPhone 5 production started

The latest report we received is about the possibility that the most anticipated smartphone for this year, the iPhone 5, has already started with production with a brand new design.

The rumors about the start of the production of the iPhone 5 is coming from a very popular Japanese blog, Macotakara. They quoted some reliable Chinese sources and published that Apple has finalized the design and all features of the new iPhone 5, and have given the green light to start the production and is expected to be launched in September or October this year.

iPhone 5 Now in Production [Rumor]

If you remember, last year iPhone 4S was also launched in approximately the same period of the year, and as many reports show, Apple will have the same time frame for launching all new iPhones in the future. It makes sense having in mind the upcoming holiday season where a large number of iPhones are expected to be sold. However, if this rumor happens to be true then we can easily expect the release of iPhone 5 within 90 days! Isn’t it the perfect time for Christmas shopping?

One more interesting thing is the fact that the report shows a completely new design for the next generation iPhone, not only the 4-inch display, now we can expect something absolutely new. This would definitely raise the curiosity for everyone who was looking at the prototypes that showed lots of similarity with the previous model of iPhone.

We are feeling excited that the production of the most anticipated smartphone this year has started, are you excited about this as well?