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You are ready for Unlock 04.11.08 baseband news? If you are waiting for Unlock 04.11.08 baseband , then you have good news.

Many of you have heard about crims0n, react0r, Miracle SIM and other developments, some of them turned out to be fake.

Others simply did not show the expected result. Anyway, after a series of failures they came to the right decision.

Not long ago, Sheriff Hashim, iOS-known hacker in his time presenting the exploit to create a popular soft-unlock Ultrasn0w, told that he will continue his work on 04.11.08 baseband.

Later,after that came the information from the manufacturers of hardware unlock GEVEY SIM. Chinese supplier Applenberry assured that the search algorithm for 04.11.08 baseband is started.

Тhe only clarification of the craftsmen in this regard – unlock will not work in the next few weeks.

Applenberry Release the Unlock for 04.11.08 baseband

According to unconfirmed reports, the representatives of Applenberry called the approximate cost of unlocking the iPhone 4 with baseband 04.11.08  price ~ $ 49 per issue.

Recall that the experts from the jailbreak community is not recommended to update to the future firmware  – iOS 5.1 or 5.0.2. Software 5.1 improves the baseband to version 04.12.00, for which the output is not expected to unlock.

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Don’t Update To iOS 5.1 or you will be in deep trouble. UnlockBoot soon will post full tutorial and description, just follow UnlockBoot, Share this Post and be first with Unlocked 04.11.08 baseband.

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  • Annoymous

    Expected date…..im using iPhone as iPod from 2 months….

  • Hectorprz

    cool, but when is available?

  • Levi

    i have 5.0.1 but i dont have the 4.12.00 baseband?

  • Childsadam66

    ive hered wont cost that much check applen berry sit will cost no more then ten pounds 

  • Gal Cohen

    I gave up this modem, it has an approximate date? What are the differences Between Gevey sim to Unlock?

  • Kpavanmca

    Please confirm the approximate date? Always you people are telling comming and coming. but  when?

  • Pansdpnf

    Please just post it when you definitely know when it’s coming ?

  • UnlockBoot

    Soon we have Unlocked 4.11.08 baseband !

  • Nasir

    DEAR Many of us are waiting for unlock. Good Luck and hurry up please

  • Donaldmelendez

    I got tired of waiting I just go simplebobile 40 dollar unlimited and it work

  • Gandi210

    Donaldmelendez what did u mean ? 

  • Lukey0019

    Did you have to unlock it ?

  • Fpsnwork

    ill pay 50. just release it already. cant wait.

  • Jailbreaking guru

    what is the source of this news?

  • Decentkhan4u

    guys please do something about this and help us all…so many of us are waiting for this…hope we get the unlock in feb…

  • Jordi Tordera

    I wrote to the guys form applenberry, but they replied they were working on it and that they had no definite release date yet.

  • 1232

    $49.00 it cheap man !!! LOL , this price from App..bury or from you guys est…???  , money ezy heh ??



  • Djwally

    Sorry, my english isnt good. My blocked iphone 4 was unlocked permanently for 116 $, normally you must pay something about 50-70$. its no sense waiting for gevey or ultrasn0w because when you upgrade ios to 5.0.2 or 5.1 the problem is back. 

  • Jordi Tordera

    Really? What method did they used? If they found a way to unlock your iphone permanently I would be really happy to pay the price you paid or even more. Please share the details!

  • Sam

    how did you do permanent unlock

  • Willian

    I have no experience with Gevey unlock. Once they release a sim wich is capacble to unlock 4.11.08, whats the way they will should use to distribute the product? Your own website? If yes, when they release I have to wait for sim arrives in brazilian market, where I live. So, the unlock is still so far way from me….  🙁

  • Jehan Raj

    This method is not working for me .

  • Kremlin1

    Where did you unlock it? How can I also unlock it permanently? Thank you

  • Jsv_spm

    i have tryed this method to unlock 4.11.8 but to no success.

  • Ronny Llerena

    It’s always nice to hear good news of at least being able to expect an unlock for 04.11.08, we’ve  ( thousands of us) have been waiting for at least a hint of good news. Once we get it we should all co-operate and tell everyone  not to update to 5.1 or we’re back to square one. I really think it should only happen to us once or are we really that stupid? Spread the word DON’T update, don’t let apple keep getting away with it man.

  • Issaravich

    how can i buy this sim card thank u so muck

  • Barabasrecords

    Thank you very munch for this information we all hope that gevey sim arives so soon in europe we are tired of whaiting

  • Ralph_marquez14

    Is it already available in the philippine market?

  • kamlesh

    I would li keti buy Gevey for 5.0.1 with 4.11.8 vase band. kindly let us know where i can get?