This week, along with a 7-inch Google Nexus 7 tablet officially unveiled a new version of their Android operating system — Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

siri vs google voice

Users received a mobile platform at the disposal of voice aid, which many perceive as the main competitor of Siri. Google Voice Search is a search engine that accepts queries in the form of voice messages.

The comparison results are shown in the infographic form. Their Voice Assistant recognizes natural speech materials used in the issuance of Wikipedia, Google Image Search and other services.
VOice search 4.1 vs Siri iOS 6

Siri VS Google Voice Search

The attribute of the Google Voice Search is a high-speed query processing, which can not be said of its competitors. In contrast, Siri and the Samsung S-Voice, Voice Assistant “Jelly Bean” gives results almost instantly. In addition, the technology is capable of handling non-standard requests, offering a variety of answers. Google Voice Search works in tandem with the new system, called contextual search Google Now.

Video comparison — iPhone 4S on iOS 6, and a Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.1

If we consider that Siri is one of the benefits of the IOS, it’s not surprising that other companies are moving in the same direction. Let’s see how Google approaches the functional Siri, and how future changes Voice Search will get on with analogues of personal assistant to Apple from Samsung and LG.

However, we need to admit that at first glance, Google Now appears to be fairly impressive. What do you think?