Buy iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S

To buy the current iPhone 4S now or to wait for the iPhone 5 – is not an easy question, what is your answer ? The new iPad is released, whether soon we can expect a new iPhone?

Because no one wants to be a loser, who got an old version of the iPhone gadget for a week or month before the release of the new iPhone 5 model.

Publication of CNET user response to the question, who recently lost his iPhone 3GS and asked him to buy a iPhone 4S, or wait until the next version of the smartphone. This is an issue, because we really do not know when Apple will present a new device. We also don’t know for sure what innovations will appear in this gadget responds Margurite Riden.

If you’re willing to use a temporary device for several months, then wait. But honestly, you should have no regrets if you buy the iPhone 4S (except financial loss at resale and the purchase of new versions). Even if we do not exactly know what innovations are in the new phone, we have a few suggestions.

Last week, Apple presented the third generation of the iPad tablet, which can tell us what to expect from the iPhone 5. Based on what we saw in the new iPad, don’t think that the “five” is a revolutionary product. It is expected that Apple will make improvements in the product, just as she did with the iPhone 4. 

The most significant change that Apple could make on the design – is the size of the screen. Since the start of production of smartphones, the company maintained a screen size of 3.5 inches. Many claim that they like this size because it fits easily in your hand or pocket.

Buy iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S
Between the screen sizes of top smartphones in the market – increased to 4.3 inches or more. Of course, we do not claim that Apple will change the screen size just to watch the competition. But at the time, as more people use mobile devices for viewing videos or playing games, there must be a market for larger screens.
If it does, then we can expect that the company will increase as the screen resolution. A stunning Retina display on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S already has a resolution of 960 × 640 pixels. But with the latest iPad Apple has proven that it costs nothing to “push” the boundaries.
Another significant improvement in the iPhone 5 may be to support networks of the fourth generation LTE. This allows the tube to work with the new connection speed 12 MB / s. And, unlike other 4G-devaysov on the market, Apple promises that the new iPad’s battery life will last for 9 hours. This is good news for potential iPhone 5 with LTE.
So, if you do not really want Apple-screen smartphone even larger, or you desperately need technology LTE, you probably will be very happy with your iPhone 4S, even after the company will introduce the iPhone 5. 
Do you waiting for the new iPhone 5 or you are satisfied with iPhone 4S ?