Concepts of Apple products in 2012Designers Studio ADR previously demonstrated interesting concepts products from Apple, such as iWatch and iPhone SJ.

The latest creations made ​​by the creator are on video which is pretty impressive.

In their eyes, that’s look like Apple’s product line in 2012.

In this collection includes ideas (concepts) for these Apple products:

  • iCam – a camera-based top-end “Apple” smartphone
  • iWatch 2 – iOS Compatible clock
  • iBox – a hybrid of the iPad and set-top boxes
  • iPhone SJ Featured Smartphone
iCam concept
iwatch 2 concept
iBox Concept
iPhone 5 Concept
In previous post we presented the iPhone 5 Concept without home button made ​​of Kris Groen. We can hope that this year we will see a real product that will be made ​​of these impressive concepts.