Deep Fried iPhone

Photographer Henry Hargreaves with the help of the food artist Caitlin Levin created an unusual photo shoot Deep Fried Gadgets, consisting of as you can see, pictures of fried gadgets.

This collection of fried iPad and iPhone was meant to be a critique on society’s wastefulness and consumer culture. Properly, Henry Hargreaves has performed exactly that, take a look inside.

Deep Fried Apple Devices

How will look Deep Fried iPhone
Deep Fried iPhone 4
How will look Deep Fried iPad
Deep Fried iPad
How will look Deep Fried external drive
Deep Fried external drive
How will look Deep fried macbook air
Deep Fried MacBook
How will look Deep fried gameboy and headphones
Deep Fried Gameboy and iPhone Headphones

Never come up with the idea to fried your device, be sure that it really isn’t tasty. Keep refreshing for more crazy stuffs and more helpful tips about your iPhone.