Install iOS 6 beta with iTunes 10.6.3

Apple recently released a whole new iTunes version 10.6.3 which includes support for iOS 6 beta 1. It appears like a upkeep release targeted at only supporting the newest functions and features provided by iOS 6 firmware.

If you would like iOS 6 you will need to download and install iTunes 10.6.3 for Windows or Mac. Check inside for download link.

You will need to install iTunes 10.6.3 if you want to update your iOS gadget to the most recent iOS 6 beta 1 that was released yesterday. However the updated application supports only iOS 6 Beta, which will be released this fall.

Download iTunes 10.6.3 for iOS 6 beta 1
iTunes 10.6.3

iTunes 10.6.3 for iOS 6 — Download link

If you want to download and Install latest iTunes update — iTunes 10.6.3 for iOS 6 Beta for Windows or Mac, just click here to start downloading from the Apple. After downloading iTunes 10.6.3 you will need to download iOS 6 beta from here.

NOTE: If your iPhone is Unlocked with SAM, Ultrasn0w or Gevey SIM — Don’t Update to iOS 6, you need to wait for iOS 6 Jailbreak first. However we can factory unlock iOS 6 firmware to get your device unlocked forever.

Feel free to comment below if you spot something of great interest in iTunes 10.6.3 outside of support for iOS 6 Firmware.

  • Brent

    Does 10.6.3 void a jailbreak, or is it just iOS 6 that I have to worry about? I have a Cydia Jailbroken iPhone version 4.1 Firmware 6.15.00 – can I download the itunes update?