25 stolen iPhones25 iPhones worth more than $ 16,000 were stolen from the Apple Store, located in a shopping center Northlake Mall.

I must say that cases of robberies of retail outlets selling “Apple” products is not so rare. However, the crime is unusual in that the suspect – an employee store.

The Rresource Charlotte Observer Said:

Smart phones have been stolen from the Genius Room. This means that the thief had access to a room inside the store.

The total value of stolen iPhone was 16,425 dollars. The offender made ​​twenty-two 16-gigabyte iPhone 4S, one model of iPhone 4S to 64 GB on a 32GB iPhone 4S and one vosmigigabaytovy the iPhone 4.

25 stolen iPhones

Devices disappeared from the store during the period between December 1 and January 11. Now police are investigating the case on the disappearance of communicators.

We can not understand how someone can afford this criminal, knowing that security will be caught and arrested soon.