In case you have encountered the common problem of iBooks application crash after you used the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak.

Fix iBooks Crash After Jailbreaking iOS 5.0.1 Untethered

It`s normal and there is an easy fix for it.

Actually, this problem isn’t new. It was introduced by Apple a while ago to fight jailbreaking.

Fix iBooks crash manually:

iH8Sn0w noted on Twitter that this might break iTunes syncing.

Follow the steps in this tutorial and fix.

Step 1: Download this file.

Step 2: SSH into your iPhone and drop the file in /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall. If this folder doesn’t exist, just create it. [How to SSH on the iPhone below]

  • Download Cyberduck. (Windows beta version here)
  • In jailbroken iDevice, open ‘’ then search for ‘OpenSSH’.
  • Install it, and jump back on your computer.
  • Open Cyberduck application
  • Click the ‘Open Connection’ button.
  • In the server field type your iDevice’s IP address. This can be found by launching your ‘’, selecting ‘Wi-Fi’, and selecting the blue arrow next to your wireless network. You should now see your IP address.
  • Select the ‘SFTP’ option in the drop down menu above where you just typed in your IP address.
  • In the Username field type in ‘root’. In the Password field type ‘alpine’. Click connect! You are now looking at the file system underneath Apple’s iOS!

Step 3: Reboot your iPhone.

There is also another easy way suggested by a number of users and it is to simply add the repo and install iBooksFix2 from here.Important update:

Apple is set for a late-January event in New York that will be regarding its media-related business as reported by TechCrunch. The event is said to involve Apple’s Senior VP of Internet Software And ServicesEddy Cue. The VP’s is in charge of the App Store, iAd, iCloud, iTunes Store, and iBooks.
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