Developers are consistently trying hard to provide its fans with the proper and iOS 5 exploit.

These efforts have been witnessed recently when the Chronic and iPhone Dev teams released untethered jailbreaks. But despite offers several conveniences, fans are having various problems with this new jailbreak solution.

Fix Launchctl Error - Corona iOS 5.0.1

So to cope up with iOS launchctl error, Jay Freeman aka Saurik, has pushed an update.

The co-founder and developer of Cydia move to his Twitter account to clarify that the Corona iOS 5.0.1 was causing issues with launchctl error and released a new version of Corona iOS 5.0.1 to fix launchctl errorSo it’s good if you are not having any problem but if you have any, just don’t worry and get this update.
Fix Launchctl Error - Corona iOS 5.0.1
What you have to do is to open Cydia, tap the Changes tab. The new Corona package version 1.0-3 will appear at the top to fix launchctl error on iOS 5. Go for that if want a tension free jailbreak process.

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  • Dennis Dean

    Can’t wait for the latest version of jailbreak plz. I know I’ll b waiting awhile. I just got I 6 plus s. The last one I had jail broker was the 3 gs so u all know who long it’s been. I was at work about five months after I jailbroke it. Like a dumn ass I got me a drink out my cooler just happened to pick up my phone and after I took put my drink back and threw my phone phone in after my drink got back too it about three hrs later so u all know wat happend to that one. I got the 4 s had it without jailbreaking it until I got this one. I promise to u all if we get a new version and it works I will not tose it in a cooler at work on acsedent