Fix White Icons After JailbreakingIn some iOS devices after jailbreak procedure sometimes displaying white or transparent icons for your applications.

The utility of the Cydia – Springtomize 2 successfully eliminates this problem, you can fix that in three simple steps.

Steps to Fix White Icons After Jailbreaking

Step 1: Open Springtomize 2.

Step 2: Disable and then enable Springtomize, then press “Reload” in the upper right corner and the “Reload Settings” pop-up dialog.

Step 3: On the series will notice “Reloading Settings”, “Cleaning Caches” and “Rendering Icons”, then the white icons are replaced by the appropriate application icons.

Springtomize 2 – Fix White Icons After Jailbreaking [VIDEO]

The method is convenient, because it doesn’t require a reboot, and this way is easy to use.