Download IOS 6 Beta 3

These days the tech world are anxiously waiting for the new iPhone 5 and the iOS 6, and lucky are the registered developers who have already got their hands on the beta versions of the new iOS.

The new iOS will hopefully be made available to the masses by this fall, and the latest news is that the third Beta version for iOS 6 has been released!

The third beta update takes care of some of the bugs that were encountered in the first two beta versions, and Apple is doing a good job by releasing these versions as it will help them uncover bugs much more quickly, and will give them a deeper insight into the problems with the OS.

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iOS 6 beta 3 update

IOS 6 Updated Preferences and Features

The third beta version is also known as Build 10A5355d and one of the changes includes a new section for the Map settings. This will enable users to change the volume of the navigation system as well as enabling users to use imperial or metric values for distances. Compatibility for local languages has been also included in the map, and you can change the size of the labels on the map as well.

iOS 6 MAP settings
iOS 6 Beta 3 Map settings updated

Download iOS 6 Beta 3

To download iOS 6 beta 3 navigate to our download section, simply click here.

Read our updated guide to factory Unlock IOS 6 firmware.

The new iOS 6 has been noted as being very battery friendly, and hopefully the third beta will be much better than the previous version as a lot of bugs will have been fixed. Feel free to give us your thoughts on this matter.