In anticipation of the new version of iOS 6, we are witnesses of various rumors — expected fact due to the high publicity and expectations from this new version.

Latest update comes from Siegler, and according to his statement iOS 6 is currently being condemned as ‘Sundance’.

iOS 6 Rumors and Features

Additionally, Siegler announced that Siri will most likely be open for to third-party developers, meaning apps such as OmniFocus and TomTom could tie straight into Siri, giving the stifled assistant a new lease of life.  In anticipation of the release date we are looking forward to the release of the improved features of iOS, as mentioned below.

iOS 6 With Improved Lock Screen

Right now, when you double-tap home button while in the lock screen, iPod controls are recovered. It would get nice if other apps may access this space, like the calendar or clock (timer, stopwatch) applications, or even third-party applications. For apps where data are usually edited (such as the calendar), it should be required that you type in your security password to enable changes. But it might possibly be nice so as to skim through data or access any controls of certain apps if you happen to configure it.
iOS 6 Features and release date
iOS 6 iPhone and iPad

Enhanced Siri functions including Siri APIs

Providing users the benefit of using send commands to built-in iOS apps utilizing their voice, Siri is quite useful. But it usually is even handier if third-party web developers could integrate their apps along with it. It would be lovely if Siri could read out loud tweets to users, or brief users on project tasks that happen to be due in Trello.

iOS 6 With Intergrated Facebook

Twitter integration already is out there within iOS, the question is why not adding Facebook integration? Having in mind just how terrible the Facebook for iPhone app is, it could possibly be useful to allow users to post photos and possibly even tag friends and manage photo albums within You could furthermore pull photos regarding contacts who are probably not on Twitter.

Featured Read Receipts on a PerContact Basis

While you’ll find important contacts along with friends to whom you might reply to whenever you can, there’s also that annoying sort of texter who may possibly consistently badger you for the response. And, much like the people who bother you why you haven’t gone through their email minutes as soon as you sent it, they’ll receive your read receipt and question precisely why you haven’t answered. I think that this can be a useful attribute.

Enhanced iPad 2 /3 Multitasking

Currently for the iPad, you are not able to use two apps side-by-side; what you could only do is switch between them. It may be useful if multitasking could be implemented on a higher level, perhaps as it is seen in Windows 8 in which you could pin a Metro app to the side and have it occupy about 30% of the screen area.

Revamped and Redesigned Home Screen

The visual refreshment of iOS’s home screen is also a desired change, since the current home screen looks almost exactly the same as in v1.0.

Improved and More Useful Notification Center

Along with making the locking screen system more helpful, it would additionally be nice to see Apple make a few functionality improvements regarding the Notification Center. Just as possible to see, at the glance, stocks as well as weather information, it might be nice if third-party apps had a chance to offer a Notification Center widget too.
Regarding the release date, Apple has confirmed that WWDC may happen between June 11 and 15 this year and, as the actual iPhone 5 is actually unlikely to release this much early, iOS 6 will most likely provide the big announcement for that conference.
WWDC is actually Apple’s annual conference, about to start this year on June 11 in San Francisco. Last year, the conference was accustomed to launch iOS 5, the final major shake-up for that iPhone operating software. In traditional Apple manner, we don’t yet know what updates will function in iOS 6, but with iOS 5 getting provided some performance functionality sorta-nicked from its rival Android — within the shape of the actual pull-down notifications program — we’re dreaming about more of exactly the same.
What do you expect in ios 6?
  • Weatherman25

    that means another new baseband for people to get around unlocking do NOT update at least 3 months after release of the iso 6 please people

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, but your old baseband can be preserved.

  • Alu Zeros

    iOS and Android. Need to do 2 major things. 1:  lockscreen notifications and social network info and alerts, like Intelliscreen x, and chameleon kickstarter.  Intelliscreen x does this really well.  2:  the phone dialer app, contacts, text messaging, and social networking apps integrated in one app with a great ui, and swipe navigations.  Im tired of opening up different apps to common communication tasks.  It’s cumbersome.  These are the two major things I would like for both Android and IOS to include in their next major update.

  • mohd haroon

    is it helpfull for the people who stuck in bb 4.11.08

  • bineesh

    i have unlocked my iphone 4 by factory unlock, can i update to iso6 ?