Ron Avni, a designer who frequently contributes to UnlockBoot, has posted some new ideas for iOS 7.

iOS 7.2 Concept

The latest concept sees iOS 7.2 with a number of great features asked by Apple users such as protecting of apps and folders with a passwords, fast answers and close all button in the multi-tasking panel of the device.

Protect Apps & Folders with Password

IOS 7.2 Features

The iOS 7.2 concept provide a passcode lock feature, but users might just want to restrict a specific app of folder with a password. This is why Avni shows that iOS 7.2 allows protecting of specific documents, programs, images and other things in the memory of the device.

Quick Response Feature

Apple iOS 7.2

A new notification system has also been portrayed with a quick response. The user can click on banner in the message and launch line before entering text. This allows a quick response to text, email, Facebook, Twitter etc. without having to open the actual app.

Close ALL Feature

iOS 7.2 Concept Features

Also, the “close all” feature will free the memory of the iDevice. It is featured in the multitasking panel. Avni says that all the features can combine to make the iOS faster and efficient.

iOS 7.2 Features Video

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