iPad 3 Motherboard - A5X Chip not A6 Processor

On Chinese  forum WeiPhone been posted photos of the motherboard supposed iPad 3 tablet.

According to rumors, Apple has to submit an updated processor and graphics engine for its new tablet.

It shows a chip code-name is A5X, not the A6 as we expected.
There is an assumption that the chip will be called the A6, A4 as originally appeared in the original iPad and iPhone 4, and then he was replaced by A5 in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. But if this photo is authentic, it is possible that the company decided to release a chip in between A5X.

iPad 3 Motherboard - A5X Chip not A6 Processor
On the date-code on the case, it was determined that the processor is manufactured on the 46th week of 2011( in mid-November last year ).
Some of the other components are also visible on the motherboard. Among them are a pair of 16 GB of flash memory chips from Hynix. 
According to recent projections, the release date of iPad 3 is March 7. The new gadget will display with Retena ultra-high resolution and support for LTE-networks.