iPhone 5 Concept with Gorila glass 4-core cpu retina display

One of the most favorite part of the Mac community, the problem of any new device from Apple — the design of concepts according to their knowledge of how these products will want to look like.

Early in the year and summer months of the main subjects of imagination get to be the iOS 6 along with a new iPhone 5. Check out this concept designed by 17 years old designer Dakota Edney.

A unique feature of their iPhone concept design is a totally-glass transparent case. In line with the designer, as a material for the glass body – lots of advantages: it really is smooth, firm as well as doesn’t hinder the passage with the radio transmission. Additionally, this revolutionary product can make the shell totally waterproof.

iPhone 5 with Transparent Glass body
iPhone 5 with Transparent body

Transparent iPhone 5 with Quard-Core A5 Chip and Laser Projection Keyboard

Andy Edney explains his iPhone 5 concept:

“Amazingly thin. Quad-Core provides even better performance. The virtual laser keyboard allows more convenient to work with text. The new display iClear Retina offers outstanding image quality, and the operating system iOS 6 opens up entirely new ways to interact with the device. All you would be interested, you can ask Siri”.

We also need to point out about the iPhone 5 awesome innovation — a laser key-board. The keybord can be activated with drag button.

Transparent iPhone 5 with Laser Keyboard
iPhone 5 with laser projection keyboard

Regarding to the uncomfortable top features of the glass, since the tendency to destroy if dropped anything hard, then your description about the concept of it really is silent. Probably, in the body of the iPhone 5 should go something such as high-strength-glass like a Gorilla Glass.

The primary real question is how Apple technical engineers should be able to place all the electronics and the battery inside this transpatrent glass-case ? What do you think?