A lot of video, rumors, and speculation circulating on the network of the future smartphone Apple.

iPhone 5 Concept

According to some sources, iPhone 5 will be released in 2012?

According to analysts, the new product will be a hit with a fresh design and improved interface.

In the meantime, the release did not happen, well-known designers offer their vision of apple news. Another concept introduced the iPhone 5 Kris Groen.

iPhone 5 Concept

From the video in our post you can see that the form factor screen has been increased, the height of the body at the same time remained the same.

This iPhone 5 Concept is without Home Button. How do go out of applications and switch on the panel of multi-tasking? To do this, the author used a very original approach.

Along the edges of the body, with left and right side are two buttons would be. If you click on them at the same time – the application is minimized. If you click on one, you can browse the way all running applications.

The creator says that so manage the active processes on your phone easier since all actions are performed with intuitive multitasking fingers of one hand.

Kris Groen says that iPhone 5 may have a 10-megapixel camera and a 4″ screen. What do you think – do you see the iPhone 5 in the next few months?

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