Apple iPhone ice cream

It seems that the Chinese have incorporated both of their favorite pastimes into a new product that has just launched, their love of crazy ideas and their love of infringing upon trademarks.

Enter the iPhone Ice Cream. This Ice Cream is made by the Chinese Ice Cream company called ‘Doshi Ice Cream’.
The Ice Cream is a combination of both Pear and Mango flavors, not my preferred choice of ice cream, but I can see how it can make a pretty good combination. It is in the shape of an Apple Logo, which in my personal opinion, and many of those out there resembles a rather obscure fried egg.
Chinese iPhone 5 Ice Cream

iPhone 5 Fruit-Flavored Ice Cream

For some obscure reason ‘Doshi Ice Cream‘ has decided to call the Ice Cream ‘iPhone 5’ despite as of the current moment in time does not exist. It is all well and good having a go at mocking up a design, but the Chinese haven’t really put any effort into it. In fact it looks like the current iPhone, and it is widely expected that the expected iPhone 5 will not look like this at all. The iPhone 5 is currently expected to drop in October after the rather mediocre announcement of the iPhone 4S.

You may think that this iPhone Ice Cream is violating various trademarks. However,  there is one school boy error that Apple made. They didn’t seem to register their trademark preventing use within the Ice Cream industry, Doshi obviously noticed this and leapt upon this as soon as they could. That being said however, if Apples lawyers do decide to fight back, and they most likely will, I would not expect to see this ice cream in production for much longer.

I can’t wait to see what the next product the Chinese release relating to the iPhone. It all seems like a pretty big drama at the moment!