iPhone 5 Will Break Down all Sales Records

Analysts at UBS says that the launch of the new iPhone will be the most important thing for Apple in the history of the company.

According to the guys from UBS, the new iPhone launching is scheduled for October and after the start of sales of sales of the new smartphone will be hitting every conceivable record.

But to do that, Apple needed to increase the number of retail stores it is quite feasible, the company also realized that she would have had 2-3 months to begin production of iPhone, in order to collect more phones to the top of sales. Another reason is to inspire buying a new iPhone – a completely revamped design.

The New iPhone 5 Will Break Down all Sales Records
Aluminium iPhone 5

Here are a few lines from the thinking of analysts:

” Every time the volume of sales when Apple launching new product more and more increasing, as the company increases the number of countries, and the number of sellers. iPhone 4S was launched in 29 countries within two weeks after the presentation, iPhone 4 went on sale in 22 countries in six weeks, iPhone 3GS – in 14 countries over a week. “

If you believe the forecasts UBS, then Apple will sell about 156.5 million iPhone this year, up almost 7 million more than in 2011.

What you think – Whether iPhone 5 will be Most Selling phone around the World ?