iPhone Pro concept with 3d camera

The new visual concept of the popular smartphone, presented by the designer Jinyoung Choi. Project is named iPhone PRO.

Distinctive features of this device is a 4.5-inch edge to edge display with a 1280 x 800 pixels, removable DSLR lens with a 12 megapixels sensor that turns the iPhone into 3D camera.

iPhone PRO Concept with 4.4-inch Retina display
iPhone PRO display and camera

iPhone PRO Concept with 3D camera and 4.4-inch Screan
Jinyoung Choi iPhone PRO Concept
Jinyoung Choi concept with 3D camera
iPhone PRO and 3d Camera
3D camera Concept iPhone PRO Front View
Front View of iPhone PRO and 3D camera concept
3D camera concept and removable lens side view
Side Prevew of 3D camera concept and removable lens
3D camra Preview of iPhone PRO concept
iPhone PRO concept design image by Choi jinyoung

The main advantage for all photo enthusiasts will be bundled accessories. The first of them – a great lens is made ​​of the same design as the optics of the cameras like a mirror, he can do with the iPhone PRO high-quality images, while the second – a multimedia unit with built-in speaker and HD pikoproektorom for viewing video and mobile games on the big screen.

What do you think about this amazing iPhone PRO concept ?