Criminal Steaks Over 100 iPads

Criminal woman from Texas described as the “iThief” has been stealing more than100 iPads at several Target and Walmart stores — relating to WFAA News.

“iThief” has hit more than 36 towns in North Texas, stealing iPads from twenty-eight Wal-Mart shops and eight Target shops.

Impressive at the start of the morning she provides the iPads together with groceries for checkout, slips the iPads directly into her bag since the groceries are being checked-out, and leaves.

She usually strikes in the early hours of the morning. Police say she does the same thing every time, leaving groceries at the counter and walking out of the store with two or three iPads. Her latest hit came last week at a Sherman Wal-Mart.

Police are request the population to make contact with Detective Rob Ballew with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Sherman Police Department at: 903-892-7246, when they have relevant info associated with the situation.