Today, an “Official iPhone 5 promotion video” has been leaked out on the internet. Journalist Adam Sachs published a humorous video in which supposedly one of the top managers of Apple touts the new iPhone generation — The iPhone 5.

Official iPhone 5 Video

According to this travesty, the next “Apple” smartphone will be a digital camera that is optimized for taking photos of food.

Official Next-gen iPhone promo Video:

“Apple has found that people who use the iPhone only to take photos of their food – they are sad and lonely, so with food, they create the illusion of a full life,” – says one of the actors playing the role of the employee. Based on this, he says, Apple did their best to put food on the iPhone 5 look as appetizing.

According to this video, iPhone 5 will automatically detect the dishes on the screen and through the personal assistant Siri even recommends a “funny sign” to the pictures. The video states that iPhone 5 is truly changing the rules of the game: his pictures “undoubtedly receive all huskies, hearts, plus sign, asterisk, Census and retweets that you replace personal contact in your lives.”

I must say that there is a certain sense within this. With the development of technology and improvement of the quality of the camera in smartphones, people are increasingly abandoning the use of cameras in favor of mobile phones. Adam Sachs partly right – it features photographic communications device, and probably will be for many the main function of the iPhone 5.

Do you think this will be the primary function of the iPhone 5? Tell us in the comments section below.