MuscleNerd Comment On React0rCurrently we have many iPhone users who waiting solution for 04.11.08 baseband , but what about solution ?

Recently MuscleNerd has added  Hamzah Akram on his Fake List. Some people said MuscleNerd did it because the Dev Team does not want he to work on Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband.

But I think that we know who should be trusted.

Hamzah Akram assured that there will be solutions for troubled baseband, but his unlock for 04.11.08 baseband is fake.

A few weeks MuscleNerd commented on his post:

MuscleNerd Comment On React0r
MuscleNerd says that OTA activation gives temporary data connection, not voice though. 
Then he wrote a new comment on Hamzah Akram’s tutorial :
MuscleNerd Comment On React0r

On this also and Sherif Hashim contributed: 

MuscleNerd Comment On React0r

Sorry for previous post that had a lot of hope, but proved to be fake. Stay turned to UnlockBoot, we hope that in our next post we will post a complete Unlock solution for 04.11.08 Basebad.