iPhone concept 4-inch display

Few days ago we distributed an exciting iPhone PRO Concept with 4.5-inch display and 3D camera.

The situation for the larger-screened system was set out by a Brink message board participant, and has since obtained some serious interest around the web.

So much actually, that a mock-up of the conceptualized mobile phone has already appeared. 9to5Mac audience Spencer Caldwell designed the picture you see above, which gives us a excellent option of what an iPhone with a 1152×640 screen.

iPhone 4-inch concept
4-inch iPhone Concept

The big cope here is that The apple company could create the iPhone’s screen bigger without actually creating the cellphone itself much bigger, if at all. The screen’s size would be the same as the present model’s, and the size would only be a little bit higher.

Bigger display would advantage both customers and designers, it would also make some significant issues, all  500,000+ applications in App Store have to be modified for the new display ?

Of course, there is another option – applications can be stretched vertically to the full width of the display, but this option is unlikely to satisfy the design ambitions of Apple.

In any case, this 4-inch iPhone Concept is quite interesting, what do you think ?