Last Friday in ten countries around the world began selling the new iPad, the most eager buyers were able to get the new product, leaving the pre-order online or defended in the long hours of all Apple Store branded stores.

New iPad Problems
Almost immediately after the release of the device, users began to discuss some hardware problems inherent in the new product.

In particular, according to Ars Technica, during operation of the New iPad specimens were identified with strongly “yellowish” screens. This is especially noticeable if you compare the defective iPad with its predecessor, iPad 2. A noticeable blur of color and contrast.

Such a defect in the sign and the owners of iPhone 4S, the model so quickly like to put on the market. Subsequently, according to users, this defect disappeared by itself. Most likely it will be so in this case.

New iPad Problems
In addition, many owners complain about the overheating of the tablet device in the lower left corner. Blame is either the CPU or a new high-capacity battery. In some cases, according to users, reducing the brightness of the screen and allows you to disable the service iCloud to keep the temperature within reasonable limits.
By the way, the first tests of battery life on the New iPad, video playback when the operating system iOS 5.1 tablets can work up to 12.8 hours, while the iPad 2 with the same iOS 5.1 version works 14.2 hours. More voracious are Retina display and A5X processor new gadget side by side with the battery, whose capacity above 70%, but this may not be sufficient for supremacy over the iPad 2 on the degree of autonomy.
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  • Rzajchowski90

    Yellowish screen is caused by fresh glue, it disapperars afters several hours because it is drying…