The September 12th media event is approaching past. More iPhone 5 components keep showing up as everyone gears up for the event.

iPhone 5 release date

Today, iResO managed to get hold of the USB dock and headphone jack from a source, while the entire back shell from another. They also assembled them together and were kind enough to upload some images. Read on for more info!

Dock and Headphone Jack iPhone 5 Assembly from iResQ:

“We were able to fit the docking port and headphone jack assembly that we showed you on Friday into the new iPhone’s frame/back casing. The docking port and headphone jack assembly seemed to fit perfectly inside of the frame. One of our technicians was even able to screw the assembly into the pre-aligned screw holes inside of the frame. All of the threading and screw holes lined up perfectly with the screw holes in the docking port/headphone jack assembly.

iPhone 5 dock connector
Dock Connector and Headphone Jack Assembly
iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 shell
iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S
iPHone 5 Headphone Jack
Headphone Jack and Dock Port Assembly for iPhone 5

As can be seen from these images, all the rumors about a bottom-mounted headphone jack and a smaller 9-pin connector seem to be true. A comparison has also been made with the iPhone 4S, according to which the iPhone 5 looks like it won’t be any slimmer than the current model.

However, no picture was provided that would show how tall the two iPhones are compared to each other. As a result, no one is 100% sure how tall the iPhone 5 is going to be. However, many sources are sure it is going to be taller than the predecessors. Feel free to comment!