A few days ago we got a false announcement that Apple plans to release a new iPhone model with 4.6-inch Display.

In September or October this year, Apple will release the next iPhone generation with LTE networks support and screen with a diagonal of 3.5 inches, identical to all transmits from iMore.

New iPhone with Lte Module

Employees iMore note that Apple can still significantly increase the screen is the next iPhone, but it is in any case be less than that of devices based on Android high-end segment. The new iPhone will run in the fourth networks generation ( LTE ), Apple port for connecting various devices may be reduced in size because it will free up space inside the smartphone for other components.

iPHone with LTE vs Samsung

New iPhone with 3.5-inch Display VS Samsung

With the advent of the wireless sync and update function “on air” the need for a standard 30-pin connector for connecting to a computer is almost completely faded away, said the portal.

Note that the appearance of cellular networks to support LTE in the new iPhone experts predict almost unanimously. With this technology for high-speed wireless data transfer compatible with some modifications of the last “Apple” devices – The new iPad tablet.

With all these advantages, the new iPhone 5 will break down all sales records. What do you think?