New day, and new bext-gen iPhone concept. This stuff just continue on its way, together with the rumors, reviews and speculations of Apple’s next-generation iPhone — iPhone 5.

To date, the next iPhone is rumoured,along with some cases confirmed, to possess a 4-inch screen together with in-cell feature, new 19-pin connector along with a aluminum body.

The most up-to-date statement also confirms NFC chip, 1GB RAM memory and 4G LTE net-support coming to the iPhone 5. This Real iPhone 5 concept  is rendered according to all of those reports, rumors and concepts and here’s the next-gen iPhone 5 will look like. It generally looks like almost every other concept available on the web, with the exception of a centered FaceTime camera and slightly rounder back-plate.

Rummored iPhone 5 concept based on most recent rumors and reports

rumors how will look iphone5
iPhone 5 Concept based on latest news

However, there is no-one to be sure exactly what the iPhone 5 will look like most of these concepts are just to keep us informed. Whether or not the next iPhone doesn’t look similar to this concept, all of us are going to adore it! Are We Right About This?