In my observation China seems quite a strange country because you can find too many things that are happening that we can’t have an understanding of.

Buy Metal iPhone concept

For example everyone believes that China is stuffed with fake Apple Stores that sell iPhones/iPad/iPods and so on. Check inside for more info about iPhone 5 pre-order.

However, it appears that China didn’t prevent making imitation Apple Stores but we certainly have spotted on an internet site called TaoBao which, reported by Reuters (and the link we came across) seem to be for sale. Pretty bizarre right?

This is what the website published regarding this information:

Apple Inc’s next-generation iPhone has not even been released yet, but opportunistic sellers on China’s largest e-commerce platform, Taobao, are already accepting pre-orders, complete with mock-up pictures and purported technical specifications.

The hotly anticipated iPhone 5 is widely expected to be released sometime between August and October this year, although Apple itself has been tight-lipped about it. Sources have said the iPhone 5 would have a bigger screen than previous models, while Taiwanese media reported the phone’s voice recognition software, Siri, would have more powerful functions.

iPhone 5 $8599.00

And if you look at the price of this iPhone 5 on the website it shows $8599, which is very confusing and extremely expensive even if this was the best price for the”REAL iPhone 5″ I still cannot afford it…

What is your opinion?! Probably this is just another rumor about these fake devices China is producing. What if it wasn’t just a rumor, would you pre-order a next-gen iPhone if given the opportunity?

  • Stephanie Tsang

    yes!!! so please save Hong Kong from this demon country!!!! they are aliens!!!!!