French journalists from the Nowhereelse today published prototype photos and video of the next-gen iPhone — iPhone 5. According to all recently leaked parts – this iPhone can be genuine.

iphone 5 prototype

However, in the fact that the images captured indeed iPhone 5, said several facts. This is a 4-inch screen, compact cable connector and headphone jack new location. Read on for more details!

As we know, Apple decided to keep the ergonomics of the new system, while increasing the size of the display. The rest of the look of the new iPhone, as you can see, has not undergone any major changes. Is this picture and video are from the next iPhone, we will know very soon.

iPhone 5 Prototype

iPhone 5 prototype
iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5
iPhone 5
iPhone 5 connector
iPhone models

This can be The real iPhone 5? What do you think?