Professor Richard Wiseman who is self proclaimed like psychologist, author and magician created the app which influence a user’s dreams once they fall asleep.

And that is all possible  through the power of sound. Does is work or not we‘ll just have to see…

Manipulate your DreamsThe theory is that when we placed the iPhone on a bed beside someone before they fall asleep, the phone will sense when the person will stop moving and fall asleep. Seemingly that indicates that a individual is about to get into a dream-like condition, at which factor they may be subject to adjustment.

This app will begin then and will play music which, it is hoped that is going to  induce a particular type of dream. According to the Professor different music or sound will apparently cause a different type of dream. At the end that is what we are told.

Wiseman is hoping that at least 10 000 people will joint his experiment, because this app is going to be free in order to motivate as many users as possible to provide it a try.

We are hoping that if someone of you decide to give DREAM on a go, report back and let us know how this experiment turn out. Maybe someone of you will dream  house on the beach or some person who you would like to see.

Or maybe… Just dream of listening to strange music witch coming from your iPhone.