We have seen a number of leaked parts within the last few weeks that are element of the Apple’s next-gen smart device. Previously we have seen front panels, back panels, home buttons, and much more.

Real iPhone 5 concept

Today, photos surfaced of all of those components put together, showing you what seems to be a completely assembled, new-generation iPhone — The iPhone 5.

Displaying an incredibly similar form step to the existing iPhone 4S in addition to its forerunner the iPhone 4, the photos demonstrated an exceptionally elegant and sleek looking deviceusing the expected scaled-down 19-pin connection, remodeled speaker and transferred 9mm headphone stereo plug.

The supposed leaked pictures also demonstrate the esthetical modifications on the rear of the gadget which have been described consistently during the last few weeks. Many of us never can identify what is truly real and what’s spoof until we see some genuine concrete proof, however, in this example a released video demonstration from Macotakara on YouTube will add many fuel to the fire.

The recording shows the possibility housings on the next-gen iPhone, supplies a quick introduction to some surface that appear to match the design and feel of the earlier photos. Presenting the same scaled-down 19-pin port on the bottom along with the comfortable SIM card, redesigned volume buttons, the actual video certainly can’t be confirmed as showing real components, but seems to be extremely genuine.

However, we can’t stress enough that absolutely nothing can be confirmed at this time. Apple is generally expected to release its new-gen iPhone sometime this fall.

Do you really getting excited about the new iPhone 5?