With regards to the next generation of iPhone, last week on the net arrived some amazing renderings.The renderings looked so good , and a lot of us wondered if they were the real deal.

White iPhone 5 3D rendering

But it was disappointing when we heard that the images designed by Martin Haynes,  were  just a beautiful 3D art project. Martin is back today with better looking renderings in white for the new iPhone.

Again, Martin uit Utrecht’s white iPhone 5 concept seem to directly mirror recent surveys and rumours. Coming from released elements to schematics, anything we’ve heard until now with regards to Apple’s next iPhone generation — points to an identical style:

iPhone 5 with metal case and 4 inch screan
White iPhone 5 with 4-inch display

Device with elongated 4 inch screen, with a slimmer profile, a two-toned metal backing and a center Face Time camera. We also heard rumors about a new smaller charting port and a relocated headphone jack.

White iPhone 5 with 16:9 4-inch screens
iPhone 5 with Metal Body

To be honest, we can’t imagine that, in its efforts to double-down on secrecy, Apple would sit idly by while the whole internet gawked at its unannounced handset. So we are really not sure what things to make of this concept.

iPhone 5 Headphone connector - front view
3D iPhone 5 front view

Exactly what we do feeling comfy, on the other hand, is that the new-generation iPhone will feature a quard-core CPU, LTE support – together with the most-famous operating system on the planet – ios 6 will be released someday within this fall.

Now we still don’t know what it’ll look like, all we can do now is to sit and wait. Any thoughts ?

  • Oscar Pava

    it would be a shame if the new iPhone still has the current shape!