This is good news for Europe. Many European carriers are going to start giving away special pre-order tickets to customers who want to get their hands on the iPhone 5 first, starting with Deutsche Telekom.

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The ticket will allow you to be the first to get the iPhone 5 delivered when it’s released — according to the rumors, the expected release date is September 21st. Read on for more details!

If all the reports about the release date are correct, the iPhone 5 will be announced on the 12th of September and the orders might even open on the same day. Germany has always occupied the list when the iPhone is first unveiled; hence pre-order reservations are expected to be made by more carriers. Carriers seem to be sure the announcement is going to be soon. Deutsche Telekom are back again for the next-generation iPhone after following a similar pattern last year for the iPhone 4S.

This ticket includes the premiere of you mentioned the newsletter and delivery of the new iPhone when it becomes available. The supply of SET, and I write deliberately large, then made for the launch. Means that customers get Nr.001 premiere ticket and receive their device on the first day by DHL Express parcel post. Deliveries are made exactly according to the ticket numbers: first come, first served basis, literally.

Pre-order-iPhone 5

If you are interested in getting your hands on the upcoming iPhone before anyone else, then you should occupy this pre-order ticket before they end, as they are being given away on first-come first-serve basis. Deutsche Telekom is distributing the tickets through its partners, and other carriers such as Vodafone are expected to start this trend soon as well.

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To get your premium ticket / pre-order from Deutsche Telekom, simply go to this link. Are you going to be one of the earliest holders of the iPhone 5? Feel free to comment!