We all know about the rumors we still have to go through concerning the Apple’s next generation iPhone — iPhone 5 and how the 6th generation iPhone will look like.

iPhone 6 concept 2013

However, as the release date comes near, people are now interested in knowing what the iPhone will look like in 2013, and I don’t want to go through the same ordeal again.

Believe me when I say that I wish the iPhone 6 was an unborn baby so that I could have asked the mother to go through an ultrasound, so I could finally know what it would look like instead of going through rumors. However, that’s wishful thinking and the best I can do is look at what artists come up with. Read on to know what a French designer Nak thinks the iPhone in 2013 would look like!

IPhone 6 front view
iPhone 6 Concept
Apple 2013 iPhone 6 Preview
iPhone in 2013
iphone in 2013 design
iOS 6 on iPhone 6 in 2013
iPhone 6 Volume buttons
Apple’s iPhone 6

In the images, you can see that the new phone looks absolutely stunning. It is longer, thinner, has a new metallic back, a bigger 4-inch display and a smaller 19 pin dock connector. The designer is successful in creating a device which has the signature look of Apple and perfectly hits the balance between something that is both futuristic as well as elegant!

Many of you might not like the segmented volume buttons that look ‘Spider-Man-ish’. Though it’s a nice attempt, you might be able to see some problems with the concept. In the image, you can see four app icons in a row on the iOS homescreen. However, in reality a longer device would probably show five app icons. All in all, it’s a great attempt by Nak.

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  • Moldovan Mircea

    WOW … have a very good aspect

  • Mike

    How will look iPhone 6? Do you think that all these iPhone 6 concepts are real?

  • jasey

    dit is niet normaal jonge dit gaat te ver