iPhone 5 2012 last concept

In the last few month we’ve seen the huge number of iPhone 5 concepts, but this is one of the most realistic iPhone 5 concept ever.

This specific iPhone 5 concept demonstrates exactly how an iPhone might look like having a 4-inch display or higher, and not just that, it’s also possible to take a look at iPhone 5 with a liquidmetal case.

Most Realistic iPhone 5 Concept — Pictures

Amazing iPhone 5 Concept
Most Realistic iPhone 5 Concept
LiquidMetal iPhone 5 case
iPhone 5 with a LiquidMetal case
iPhone 5 4 inch Screan
iPhone 5 With a Larger Screan
iPhone5 Music control iTunes
iPhone 5 Music Player
The new iPhone is expected to be launched this summer, having a major redesigned components. We think that one of the features can be a 4-inch display that is most expected by his fans.
Does it Look Realistic? I think that it looks surprisingly real. What do you think?