According to rumors, the most amazing phone in the world – iPhone 5 smartphone, we can expect this summer.

iPhone 5 concepts

Most common ones are: an updated camera, a more capacious battery, large screen size – 4 inches, an antenna for use in 4G LTE network, and finally, the system is the wireless NFC.

Below in this post, we show three new iPhone 5 concepts.

iPhone 5 concepts

This week we published another iPhone 5 Concept made by Kris Groen. However, there are more and more new concepts of this smartphone.

Some of them are so unrealistic that it is hardly a model iPhone 5 will look like on them, but there are other, more realistic. Let’s look at three options for the iPhone 5. It is possible that the next phone ( iPhone 5 ) from Apple will be like that.

Full-Screen iPhone 5 – the famous European designer Antonello Falcone created a fine example of the apparatus iPhone: it has no frame around the screen that allows you to make the screen bigger without changing the dimensions of the device.

Full Screen iPhone 5 concept

iPhone Air – this iPhone 5 concept is based on the example of the MacBook Air from Apple. Thanks to some narrowing down the body, in a smartphone, you can easily build a large antenna needed to work in networks 4G LTE, without increasing the total thickness of the device.

iPhone Air Concept

iPhone 5 Nano – since the emergence of the iPhone 4, all waiting for a representative of Apple’s message is that finally prepares a white version of this smartphone. So it’s no surprise that Apple is ready to follow the strategy used in the production of players, iPod nano, and release a smartphone in a mass of new colors.

iPhone 5 Nano Concept

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