Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband News

Today we have another news about Unlock 04.11.08 baseband, but this time we have some good news.

A few minuts ago Applenberry has updated his facebook fanpage that they are in the final testing stage for unlocking the iPhone on iOS 5.

We think that Applenberry finally will developed the new Gevey SIM to unlock the 04.11.08 baseband.
Аt this moment all 04.11.08 baseband users who stuck on this baseband expect to happen a miracle to say the months-long problem with unlock baseband 04.11.08 baseband.

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband News

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband News
The New Gevey Sim is in the final testing stage, we can expect it to be released soon for unlocking iPhone on baseband 04.11.08 but Appleneberry has mentioned they are still not providing the finnal release date for the new Gevey SIM. We can expect a demo video that will see soon.
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  • Yavuu2005

    good post. but when this sim sell like on any market

  • UnlockBoot

    Appleneberry has mentioned they are still not providing the finnal release date for the new Gevey SIM. 

  • Fnopoudem

    How for those who have GEVEY ULTRA?

  • Popoy

    This will not unoock iphone 4s?

  • Diegoalex90123

    how is the procedure when these are released to get them in other countries not in U.S. for example latin america-colombia


    If I where a Gevey Sim 2, I’d want to be in my phone because I like hearing the calls I make to people. The problem is I don’t exsits yet because if I did I’d be a Gevey Sim 2 and they don’t exist yet. even though I look everyday for a Gevey Sim 2 I can’t find one or two. Mabey because they are still testing? Idonno.  But I want to exist, i want to live, I want to be Gevey Sim 2. Gevey Sim 2 please come true. I nearly got fired because my iPhone 2g is being held together with tape and my boss no like. But Gevey Sim 2 make my iPhone 4 work great, and my boss like. Gevey Sim 2 please exist please. one day 2 sim gevey working, a dream to many.

  • UnlockBoot

    I hope that dream will come true. 

  • Johnsmith

    iphone 4s is already been unlocked

  • Popoy

    Oh really? With what, Rsim/TPsim?

  • Ibrahim Zamix

    hello guys….. i am gonna hear you a good news…….. until March 13 Gevey Sim 2 wont release……because the late ios is going to release on march 11…….  so guys you need hang on for couple more days…… and i am sure even applenberry wont comment this post…….  because this is truth………………

  • Spank QQ

    I wishes some people stop,make stupid comment.u needed to shot the F CK .UP,And you know you,the dam-ass.Next time you need to Stop,LQQk,Le- sent,and Read,Apple n berry and the rest of their crew working hard,to unlock BB 04.11.08……….

  • Todualex

    Search on ebay item number 260959620041 , he proves that its working on 04.11.08 and sold 11 pf such, unfortunately noone left a feedback yet.

  • Ken Ref

     Yes but it’s only for 4S

  • EtE

    I do not wannt to belive you…. I hope this isnt related with new BB. We all bored to w8. They’ll release GEVEY 2 before new iOS version. I count it.

  • Jaimerizo

    it is the same message they always put nothing new and the same pic

  • Get on with it alreay

    Iphone 5.0.1 ( 4.11.08 ) update, was Apple’s new money making scheme, one of there many no dout.Think about it Apple coming out with Factory Unlock iphones, why would they do that, knowing that people can unlock there own iphones with jailbreaking? Apple knew this new 5.0.1 update would lock up iphones user’s so that you would have to use the carrier AT&T, or your iphone’s would be useless.I also think Apple controls the well known jailbreaking hackers, we come to know and love, I think they’ve worked for Apple this whole time. If you think about it why won’t answer our questions about the unlock for 4.11.08, and if they do give us a answer, they say something like please stop asking a about it, ” Just wait ”… Not until Apple makes alot of money on the Factory unlocked iphone’s then we will see a Unlock for 4.11.08.Or Maybe after A6 come’s out we will see a Unlock, we need to stop falling for these Apple money making scheme.

  • Mario

    Apple already has factory unlocked phones. U just have to buy it from apple with no contract.

  • Meni26

     Why is there a lot of you complaining about how long its been taking or that this should of been resolved? we are lucky theirs someone taking their time to get us an unlock. why don’t y’all stop being inpatient. Go jerk off or something to get your head out of this unlock the less you think about it the faster it will come.

  • Broadness

    donde la puedo comprar la sin genvey 2

  • thiet ke website

    i can not waiting for …

  • MichaelOsamudiame

    That is a very good news! We are waiting earnestly to unlock our iphone4 with new improved gavey sim.

  • Sdfa

    3/28/2012 stil.. waiting…

  • eran

    Any solution for unlock 4.12.01 firmware