Last week we reported that CutYourSim service is back who provides factory unlock for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS.

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband

At this point most interested in unlocking solution is iPhone 4 users with 04.11.08 baseband. Because Most of iPhone 4S users have unlocked devices, and users of iPhone 3GS already have unlocked devices ( Gevey Sim or Ultrasn0w).

All of us know that when Apple released new iOS 5.0 firmware in October 2011 which adopted the new 04.11.08 baseband. Many iPhone 4 users upgrade their iOS firmware, but didn’t know that with this upgrade their baseband will be increased, namely with new 04,11,08 baseband.

There is no hardware or software unlocking solution available for 04.11.08 baseband, but CutYourSIM service is remote unlocking service, which is a factory unlock solution.

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband

This is factory unlock, that means that your iPhone can’t be locked in the future, this is a solid point to use CutYourSim service. We have Good News – Price for some services such as Claro Brazil can get this remote iPhone unlocking service for a price from $ 35. If you one of them, you can unlock 04.11.08 baseband on your iPhone 4 just for $ 35.

Below is described supported carriers and their factory unlock cost:

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband

Note: Double check your IMEI number before enter your IMEI code, CutYourSIM does not give refunds if you make an order with incorrect IMEI number. Also, you must be sure that the Carrier of your locked iPhone with 04.11.08 baseband or other basebands is on CutYourSim’s supported list.

If your carrier is not supported, stay tuned to Unlockboot and expect an update or another solution!

  • Teja Yenigalla

    i dont know my carrier… iphone4 is from australia…wat to do now????

  • Archibald Aro

    when AT&T ?????????????????????????

  • Digitaleys

    swisscom switzerland ???

  • Ambiluvscherries

    Will this work on an I phone 4 that is locked to AT&T in the us?? And how much if so???

  • Rafael Amorim

    No unlock for Uganda??? kony will be pissed.

  • Guest

    And where is t-mobile Germany?

  • S

    unless you live in the USA screwed for $184.00 , the question so far no body reporting that it work

  • S

    Can you please start some sort of voting for paid unlock service
    Website used???
    How much paid??
    how long did it take to unlock??

  • Honza Dostál

    where can I check my IMEI to find out which carrier has locked my iphone4 ?

  • Camocasta

    its the cut your sim site working, i’ve been trying to buy this bit everythime it says return to seller site or something like that !! i can’t complete the transaction !!! any help on that ??

  • mi

    i dont know my carrier is there any way i could know pls

  • Felipe Dutra

    Nice… Just wait the At&T usa .. thx for updates!!

  • Cnp1210

    im on att. it cost 185 dollars!!! this is expensive, im probably going to wait for gevey sim to come out, whats taking applenberry so long?!?!?

  • Cnp1210

    it works, its trusted, but you guys are lucky.

  • Cnp1210

    go to settings, general, about, and scroll down until you see your carrier

  • voscot

    in my iphone its written “carrier lab 11.0” on the carrier. what the f does it mean?

  • Ayoub_azarkan

    Jesus christ, what a expensive prices!!! I cant afford to do it with cutyoursim!!! So hope on a ultrasnow unlock for my iphone 4.11.08……just waiting

  • Ayoub_azarkan

    You can not check it with your imei! Youhave to know which model, it begins with MC……….

  • Ayoub_azarkan

    Settings–>general–>about–> and look at the model of your iphone, you can recognise it with MC………! When you find the model , search it on google and you will find your career

  • Nathan

    I never pay for that kind of terrible service. I’m waiting for Gevey might be the most appropriate thing i can do right now. I don’t know why applenberry is taking to long in the testing stage ???

  • samy

    tellus canada 04.11.08 baseband not in the list mean they can’t unlock the tellus canada set

  • razvan

    I got a phone locked on Telcel mexico… any ideas when that will be unlockable?

  • UglyFugly

    This one Blows No USA carriers

  • S

    every one reporting the service is out and not working

  • bigmike

    sorry, i am from taiwan, and my phone is from USA, what can i do? my IMEI is 01 233700 354266 1

  • Honza Dostál

     I can not see it. there is just “not available”. I s there any other way how to find  it out??

  • Olaf

    Now this is OUT of STOCK

  • John Scizorwitz

    I just got a refound of my payment, they said the service wasn’t availible any more, i waited 15 days 🙁

  • Nunomandato

    Hi need unlock a Swiss iphone from Sunrise operator…. Please help 🙁

  • серый руцык

    hi I’m from Russia, and my phone from the U.S., what can I do? My IMEI 012535008343072 is a

  • Alincalota


  • Barliza

    Movistar from venezuela???

  • Geilat

     Your carrier is the one you signed in with a contract. In other words, do you know to whom you pay your bills? Because that company is your service provider. In the USA service provider are AT&T, Verizone and Sprint as well as other!

  • Emerson

    Vitor sou do Brasil como faço para assinar o serviço que diz no poster? 

  • Anelya_butterfly

    Hi. I’m from Kazakhstan, (my country with Russia). My phone 4 has 5.01 ios 04.11.08. baseband from USA.How can i do ? Please help me.
    My e-mail address


    I live in india guess u guys cant unlock it there huh?